The benefits of hydroponics

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The benefits of hydroponics

More and more of us want to produce our own food. We can thus ensure the quality of what we put on our plate, but also reduce the food budget. Hydroponics seems suitable for this. Find out what the benefits of hydroponics are.

The best benefits of hydroponics

Vertical Hydroponics

From experience, growing plants on your balcony in the middle of town can sometimes be complicated. The urban way of life is often very rhythmic which can be a hindrance to gardening. However, when the motivation appears, trips to the garden center are necessary. Between bags of potting soil, pots or even planters, the list of equipment to bring home can seem quite cumbersome.

With hydroponics, you no longer need to carry bags of potting soil to give you sciatica. Whether you have a small garden, a terrace or a balcony, a hydroponic system can be installed anywhere and will not require as much maintenance as a traditional culture.

Fast development and stunning yields

Evolution of an avocado tree in hydroponics in 1 month

Saving time is not only reflected in maintenance. Plant development is also boosted. Hydroponics allows rapid assimilation of nutrients and high oxygenation. Coupled with very few limiting factors, the plants grow faster and get bigger. It also means you get bigger yields, faster, in less time and with fewer plants. A terribly effective cultivation method.

Better crop control

NFT culture

Hydroponics allows you to have better control over the plants. They can be given the exact amount of nutrients they require to maximize development. And then, back to this famous sciatica. For many, gardening rhymes with drudgery. You have to remove weeds, dig holes or even harvest certain vegetables from the ground.

In hydroponics, you no longer need to bend down to pull weeds or harvest the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor. Hydroponic systems can be adjusted to the desired size for more playful harvests.

Quality fruits and vegetables

Growing tomatoes in hydroponics

Since the plants are generally stronger and healthier, fewer pesticides are used. This is still one of the advantages of hydroponics. And since there are no more weeds, herbicides become obsolete. The use of highly limited toxic products greatly benefits the environment and your health. Additionally, some hydroponic systems provide easy access to the root zone, allowing for quick judgment of plant health and dealing with pathogens. These healthy plants therefore produce fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and mineral salts.

Reduced water and fertilizer consumption

Culture in coconut fiber

Hydroponics being terribly effective, water consumption is reduced. Some solution recirculation systems can save up to 90% compared to traditional crops in the ground. The water being recycled, this limits the waste of fertilizers and therefore the impact of pollution on the environment. These two advantages make hydroponics a viable solution where cultivation was not possible before, such as in certain arid regions of the world.

As we have seen, the advantages of hydroponics are numerous. This efficient cultivation method even seems too perfect. That is why we will tell you about the disadvantages of hydroponics in another article. And you, what do you like most about hydroponics?

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